Big News! The Genesis Lifestyle Network is transitioning to a new server, a new domain and a new software! The site is uploaded and everything is working perfectly. You will not notice any difference on the front end but on the backend everything has become that much easier! 

We will not be transitioning the user database at this time because of the extensive work and the number of inactive affiliates. We WANT people who are actively working the system to join us on this new venture. Please fill out the form below with your current Genesis Lifestyle Network username (your email address) and GLN password and we will use these same login credentials for the new system. We will also transfer any credentials you have setup in the old system and move them to the new system for you free of charge. 

You will have to update your Leads Leap email followups and capture pages to the correct links. You can find a new updated video in the new GLN system on how to setup Leads Leap if you need a refresher.


If you have any questions, please reach out to your sponsor or message me on facebook.

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